Our Guide When To Replace The Surge Protector

Our Guide When To Replace The Surge Protector
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As we mentioned earlier, how does a surge protector work? A surge protector between the electricity coming into your home or office and the electrical appliances you used-when the intensity of Voltages increase-the surge protector prevents extra Voltages from reaching your equipment-It even sacrifices its life for the protection of your precious equipment.

Some guards may work once or twice after enduring an increase in Electricity – but this is rare. Brands from some of the best companies may be able to do this, but most of the time it only works once. 

Should aware when to replace the surge protector. These protectors aren’t as expensive as your electrical appliances – and they’re easily replaced at low cost.

When replace The surge protector:

Now we’ve talked about this in detail when you need to replace your old add-on protector with a new one.

How old is it?

According to our research, you should change it after two-three years. sometimes it happens that due to unknown electric surges they decrease their usefulness but we would have felt that’s the decent things to do, and it ends there.

Sometimes you don’t even remember when you last changed it, so don’t use a very old surge protector.

It often happens that the warning lights don’t work on the ancient model, and it is unable to tell you that I can no protracted work-and you maybe have to endure the loss.

warning light on?

when to replace surge protector

When the warning light is turned on-then, there is no ambiguity, that you can no longer use it. Because once it on-it’s mean it has no capacity left for protection. Sometimes it starts working again for a while, but this is rarely the case.

How many times the power surge hits?

As we’ve mentioned many times, the life of a defender depends on his Joules rating.

For example, if you have a surge protector rated 1000 joules and it has absorbed five to ten times power surges, it has done its job. and it needs to be changed.

When the warranty expires:

Most companies offer generic surge protectors with a three-year warranty, while expensive surge protectors provide a warranty of up to ten years mostly life time for connected equipment. It is best to replace it before the warranty end, but never use it after it expires.

Types of the surge protector :

The fact is that there is no measure of how much power surge can be tolerated. We do not recommend a specific time to replace it after that, depending on what additional protectors you have used. Then when you find it worse- just change it.

Buying guide(Tips):


Before buying a surge protector, you should check whether the indicator LEDs are mounted on the protector or not. You may be wondering why I mentioned this before.

I would like to tell you how important it is. Most of the protectors come in two LED colours, one is green and the other is red. When the green light is on, it means that it passes The electricity is up to him – but the day the red light goes on, it means he’s done his job.

Now you need to change it. if the LEDs is not connected to the protector, how do you know if it is still working or not?


Whenever you buy a surge protector, buy one with a high joules rating – because the joules’ ability is given the status of growth protection.

It’s hard to imagine how much you want to add to Joule’s rating. The calculation of power spikes varies by area, and you need to search on it.

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