What is a Power Surge and How to Protect Appliances

What is a Power Surge and How to Protect Appliances
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What is a Power Surge?

A power surge is something that a lot of you probably care‘ if you familiar with, but the question of what is a power surge?

We’re sure that you know it’s a change of current or voltages in your supply line from a recommended limit to very high. but do you how this situation can affect on your home appliances.

For our research, the answer is no, that’s why today I will be taking a look at what is a power surge. plus, not only will we show you what this surge is, but we”ll explain with some examples.

What reason for power surges?

  • Fault in Distribution Lines:
  • The power station may malfunction:
  • Lightning strikes:
  • Overload Short Circuit:

How do power surges happen?

It can happen During the sudden switching in transformation, or they can also occur in the event of a fault in the transformer or nearby transmission line. Some of the strongest voltage spikes can occur as a result of a lightning strike.

Overvoltage can also occur in the home. If a high-powered electrical appliance, such as a motor pump, air conditioner, is turned on or off, there may be small power surges.

Because the motors and compressors of these devices require so much power to turn them on and off, it will not harmful but may cause a breaker trip or power outage.

Types of power surges:

There are different types of surges, depending on the usage of the voltages involved. The voltage can increase little more, when the heave appliance turns on, same the other hand thousand of voltage when lightning strikes the transformer.

Internal Power surges:

These are mainly residential, industrial and other commercial buildings. They are usually caused by starting and shutting down inductive loads such as heavy appliances.

They cause a diversion that leads to a high current flow and a partial transfer of electricity to and from other electrical elements in the circuit.

Overvoltage is not always immediately recognized or destroyed as a greater externally generated overvoltage, but occurs more frequently.

This transferred overvoltage can damage the device over time. They appear as part of everyday operations.

External power surges:

There are several causes of external power surges like External electric shocks can come from wooden branches touching power lines and causing voltage spikes, or by rising in line, swaying in the wind, or breaking in bad weather.

Other causes Returning the power supply after a breakdown can result in a voltage spike as all devices are supplied with power at the same time.

What may damages?

Everyone should take power surges seriously. The surges can be so strong that they can damage connected devices. The damage occurs because the device is only designed for 120 volts and limited current. When the voltage exceeds the operating limits,  over-current which can damage internal components.

How to protect from power surges:

Thankfully, you’ll rarely have problems power surges, since they last a long time. It’s suggested you bought powerful surge protector for that happen,

 If you are familiar with surge protection devices, you should have no trouble buying them. It also tells you what to use – but if you don’t know, buy a whole house or appliances surge protector.

whole homes surge protection devices ideal for large external surges. A surge protector is attached to the main panel box to stop the occurrence of electric shock.

While appliance surge protectors are usually small and portable, they only protect specific devices.

A useful step by step plan for protection:

  • Hire a qualified electrician who can inspect your home earthing systems:
  • Used Always quality cables for wiring: 
  • Install a whole house SPD in panel D.P:
  • Don’t forget to install a minimum 30 AMP circuit breaker with SPD’s:
  • Used always UL certified surge protectors:
  • After a power outage Switch off your device and then turn it off again at the socket by turning them back on one by one after the supply is restored.
  • Make a note of all your home electronic devices, then bought portable and wall mount surge protectors, which are available in the market with different outlets and extension cords- a single outlet surge protector is also optional.