5 Best Extension Cord for Refrigerator to Buy 2021

5 Best Extension Cord for Refrigerator to Buy 2021
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A Refrigerator is one of the kitchen appliances that are quite expensive and much prone to electrical damage if connected to the socket using a faulty Extension cord.

To power a refrigerator, the easiest and simplest choice is to plug it directly into a wall socket. But this alternative is just not available often. Choose to use a heavy-duty cable that is capable of managing the energy needs of the refrigerator without losing protection if you do use an extension cord to control your refrigerator.

It’s not like all extension cords are comparable in their output. You need to remember such things as plug shape, rated power value, wire gauge and cable size when finding the best extension cord for refrigerator.

Review more about this article while we will list the 5 best extension cords available on the market place, as well as the reasons that they’re the best. I’m sure this will help you a lot when you buy the extension cord that will be used to attach your refrigerator to electric power.

Overall Our Best Choice

POWTECH Heavy duty 25 FT

 Great Value

GoGreen Power GG-25606

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POWTECH Heavy duty 25 FT

Our top pick is a 14-gauge extension cord which is listed as UL and rated at 15 amps, 125V, 1875 watts. It’s the longest of our choices at 25 feet long, but this should help you put your refrigerator in your garage in a comfortable location.

 To reduce the chance of electrical shock, the cord has a three-prong plug that ensures the fridge stays grounded.

Main point :

This extension cord is suitable, along with most of these features, for heating systems, vacuum cleaners, freezers, and other heavy-duty tools. The cord also looks durable and efficient for use, thanks to quality construction.

Key Features

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GoGreen extension cord for refrigerator

We’re more than impressed with this budgeted device,  it is suitable for providing energy for household products such as the refrigerator, the GoGreen extension cord is ideal.

The extension cord is approximately six feet long and this is the normal length that assists during transmission to limit the voltage drop.

The ETL approval and 14 gauge wire to ensure no excessive heat make it the perfect extension cord to guarantee your appliances’ safety and security.

Main Point:

The cost of this cord is comparatively smaller than that of the others. This does not, however, suggest any form of consistency sacrifice.

However, the only flaw with this style, which is not a pact, is that the wire is made of brass and not completely copper.

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Stanley 31536 Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord

This is a high duty extension cord that can hold around 125V voltage. This high power carriage potential of this cord means that it will be better suited for heavy devices such as that of Refrigerators at homes.

The Stanley 31536 cord is 09 feet long and is ideal for use in homes where the refrigerator is installed well away from the outlet and area.

Main Point:

This extension cable’s configuration is three-pronged. This cable is 9 feet long and it is certain that when the refrigerator is plugged in, there will be no voltage drop. This model is built for, and will not overheat, high voltages.

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Best Quality Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire

 For air conditioners and large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, this is one of the strongest heavy-duty extension cable cables. 

Qualihome Company’s extension cord wire has an angle connection that allows the wire to sit flat on the wall and in small spaces. 

There are grip grooves in the extension cord that make it convenient to attach and separate it from appliances

Main Point:

Also, approximately 125 volts can be moved, making it suitable for refrigerators, air conditioners and other large appliances. The thick vinyl insulation helps shield the string from humidity, corrosion, and rodent-like rat chewing.

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10 Gauge Extension Cord  

The last extension cord we have picked was from Century for your review today. It is not only popular, but it is available at a decent price as well. From this extension cord, here’s what you can expect. 

This extension cable, the length is 50 feet, comes with a 3 socket and has a vivid and visible neon green jacket. In turn, the jacket is made to be resistant to all kinds of harmful external influences you can imagine, and yes, fire and water are included.

Main Point:

It’s suitable for heavy-duty use because it’s a 15-amp, 10-gauge extension cable. On the plugs, there are light-up ends, which are triggered as the string operates.

If you’re looking for a solid extension cord on a budget, Century is undeniably the brand to turn to. While it may be a problem for long-term reliability, we agree it is a fair trade-off for the kind of stable results you should expect from this product.

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Everything You Need to Know!

For all Cables, we’ve covered a few simple features and a range of fantastic items. To optimise their usefulness, you can remember a few items before using an extension cord for your appliances.

Amperage Define:

When selecting an extension cord for your refrigerator, this is the main thing to remember. This system is notorious for using a huge amount of electricity. 

It would be able to tackle the condition by picking the correct amperage cable. It would not face the likelihood of overheating at all.

It is a major disaster to pick a cord with the wrong amperage for your refrigerator. Keep that in mind! Here is how the amps your refrigerator is using for the correct decision on an extension cord will be decided. 

Some time ago, refrigerators were available in the market around 700 watts. But it’s hard to stick to it these days, so take a look at the specs in the refrigerator and clear your mind about amperage then choose from this formula.

Let suppose your refrigerator is 850 watts(just example)   So how do you estimate how many ampere cords you want?

Watts/volts = 850/120=7.08A

So take a look at our top range again, we are choosing extension cord for the refrigerator above 15A, it means that if you chose from these, you made the right choice.

Considering on wire gauge:

The extension cord’s wire gauge applies to the copper wire that helps deliver the electric current to the appliance. 

The wire gauge’s diameter or thickness in the extension cord is important. This not only specifies how often current the wire can bear but if it does at all, how much it gets hot. 

To stop excessive heat, it is often advisable to use an extension cord with the appropriate wire gauge, which can harm the gadget or the extension cord themselves.

Cord Length :

Another aspect to be addressed is the distance between the refrigerator and the wall outlet. Consider a longer cable if the refrigerator is far from the plug. 

While long cords tend to decrease voltage, it is recommended as it helps to increase the protection of those other people in the family when built.

Price of the Cord:

The other big determining factor turned out to be the price of the Cord. Most of these cables, though, are cheap, but it is still advised not to gamble on consistency over a limited price. You should search for cords that fall under your budget, but it is important to completely ensure protection.


Extension cables, whether they are of decent quality, will certainly be used to operate large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators. 

In powering refrigerators, the five extension cords described in this article have proven to be very efficient and reliable. The selection of the right one, however, would depend on the reason for which it requires to be used and other considerations.