The 7 Best Whole Home Surge Protectors buying guide

The 7 Best Whole Home Surge Protectors buying guide
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When you planning to buy a surge protector there are a number of things you should keep in mind like whole household current/voltage ratings and many other things which we discuss in details, we have a step by step guide on how to choose the best whole home surge protector

All we know that is average home appliances are becoming smarter and more expensive. That’s why we recommend investing some money to protect your home appliances. A powerful surge protector extends the life of your home appliances and relieves stress on power damages.

Now it’s time to point you in the right direction to take surge protectors based on your needs. You will find tons of products when you decide to buy it, but one thing you need to keep in mind is that every surge protector is not for every home.

Because Its specification may be different, the rating may not be the same, and if you pick the product without research it is possible that you bear the waste of your money and also face serious damages during surges and spikes.

After a effortless research, our recommendation for the whole house protection is EATON CHSPT2ULTRA, because it has a high surge protection rating (108KA) that guarantees it can save all your home products.

Overall Our Best Choice

Eaton Whole Home Surge Protector

whole home surge protector

 Great Value

Leviton 51120 -1 3-Phase 4-Mode Protection

The surge protector is sold by joules rating capacity as surge suppressor capability. The amount of protection that provides determine on how much high-energy, high-voltage transients is desired also the quality of indication because a surge protector will reduce the damages during an electrical surge and heavy spikes

Surge protector is installed in required places permanently, it’ important to select the best surge protector with following our research base devices.

Read out the top 8 whole home surge protectors we discussed along with we researching & testing the best product to buy.

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Eaton Whole Home Surge Protector

The Top EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protector includes a LED indicator system and types 2 alternative functionality and support of easy-mount with telephone and cable protection modules. Eaton is easy to set up and easy usable including the best quality.

 The advantages of EATON CHSPT2ULTRA  have a very simple installation process over the other surge is depending on your experience that takes how longer than you expect to install.

With UL certificate under UL 1449 and transient voltage surge suppressor modified the protection from line to ground (L-G), Neutral to the ground (N-G), the line to Neutral(L-N).Maximum protection against interrupting current above 108KA make sure your product are completely save.

Main point :

Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protector can work any load panel with an 50 Amp double pole circuit breaker . it’s important to to connect surge protector as close as possible where the ground and neutral enter the breaker box.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Leviton 51120-1 Whole House Surge Protector

The Leviton pick is the same as EATON CHSPT2ULTRA having 4 Mode Protection . We have tested and found it’s easy to install, most compatible. It has 10 Ka SSCR, 50/60 Hz, frequency surge protection for single-phase supply.

Its indicated lights allow you to use all  your connected devices without any hassle but if any light turns off now no longer can protect your expensive devices and change immediately.

 Leviton offers risk-free protection on power voltage of 120v(standard) and it can handle a wide range of voltage transients and lightning spikes.

With 50KA voltage rating is the single most important factor and its 4-mode protection system with the UL 1449 standard (3rd edition) provides proper protection.

Main Point:

You can use this Leviton surge protector shield against high transients in energy power at the panel box and AC power connections. Leviton  4-made protection system is ideal for electronic devices because it has been designed to achieve its 50,000 amp maximum surge capacity. An exact time light indicator shows the power and Suppression status for the phase to phase protection.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Siemens FS100 Whole Home Protection Device

This device has 4 wire hookup facility cover surges (L-N, N-G, L-L)  and 3 types of notification system 1:LEDs Status with red lights, 2:alarm system to notify you when the power surge hits in your control panel. This device responds in nanoseconds and blocks unbearable surges.

Moreover, if you know the basic principles of electric wiring systems and understanding of installation,  you can easily install this SPD with 30A,2 pole circuit breaker because this device is very well-designed as compare with others.

Main Point:

The Siemens FS100 is offering a wide range of required constant surge protection for both indoor and outdoor systems.

This SPD is UL 1499 certified and cover a 10 year product warranty, as many more other features a range of 4000 amp rating with 20KA surge current capacity.

Siemens sold high quality indoor/outdoor installation but there price is high and competitive. A budget product doesn’t sacrifice with all necessary features for whole home surge protection.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Square D HEPD80 Home Protective Device

You’ll be fine with Square D by Schneider Electric if you’re looking to save your money because SquareD is cheaper from other surge protectors.

You can simply place this unit and it does start working because it is pretty easy to set up even in just 15 minutes if you are familiar with the installation system. This HEPD80 has a large 80,000 Amp rating for protection during surges.

This SPD unit design with  2 green visible lights indicated to you to closely monitor that unit Is working properly.This unit can work with even the 25,000 amp SCCR and compatible with any power panels.

Each MOV capacitor is individually combined with thermal fusion and overcurrent.the recommendation for proper installation attached two 20 amp single pole breakers and use it twice indoor or outdoor coverages.

Main Point:

The Square D model comes in a rating of up to 80KA, 25KA short circuit rating which offers ultimate protection to your home. This gadget equipped with limited 5 years, $50,000 warranty.

It has a simple design that you can easily fit yourself or hire a professional electrician. Overall we can say that this device is one of the cheapest as compare with other surge protectors in our list.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Square D by Schneider Surgebreaker  

Now we discussed another Square D  surge protector that is working to protect over $75,000  electronics for 5 years.

Even more Facilities Surge Protector is a device designed to control very fast, high voltage transients or surges that are common in our electrical systems it can protect the entire home from high-energy power surges and low-energy during repetitive surges.

It also provides Ethernet and cable protection because this model aims to provide as much functionality.

This surge protector looks very easy to install and requires a few screws and ready for protection  against more powerful surges, up to 80 kA. This superb design product take little space in your panel box.

Main Point:

That said ,the Square D Is a less expensive and well built product with a great thing that the simplistic design and very easy to install.

The quality of Square D Maximum surge suppression hold lasting protection against more powerful surges, up to 80 kA and offers 120/240V AC voltage protection.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection

Lastly Siemens FS140 whole house surge protector is another surge protector that provides its value by offering something different options that none of others offers,FirstSurge can be used to surge protect any load center with 30A 2 pole C.B and the  maximum total protection is 140,000 Amps per phase.

Specifically,the Siemens FS140 also comes with 10 year product and connected equipment and features a commercial class 3-stage notification.

This is one of the most compact surge protectors that has extremely lightweight and multiple convenience features,UL 1449 listed,Type 2 SPD ,Balanced 600V Voltage Protection Ratings.

As compared Siemens FS140 with Siemens FS100 little cheap but comes with an excellent range of surge protection capacity.

Main Point:

The Siemens FS140 is the best whole home surge protector that i have seen as other many satisfied customers reviews. You can easily monitor and Cheer with 3 alarming notification, LEDs display, Alarm protection, and LEDs Red service.

Don’t let the next lightning storm and install Siemens FS140 and FS100 whole home surge protector today.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Square D by Schneider Electric Surge Protector

Lastly Square D by Schneider Electric is 50KA Whole Home Surge Protection Device with $50,000 equipment protection for 5 years . you can easily install it with the Square D panel.

This device reduces surges and provides surge suppression for important products,for better result mount as close to main supply.even better,this is the only surge protector that only comes with no wiring required and built directly into the panel box.this means you do not have to waste some extra money and hire a certified electrician.

Main Point:

The Square D by Schneider is As compared to others surge protectors price is low,taking up less space and weight but having numerous safety features. 

Key Features

Our Rating 


whole house surge protector buying guide does the following

There are most key elements  to keep in mind before buying a whole home surge protector.

  • What’s Your Budget

The best surge protector can range from up to $100 to over  $300 and we know money always matters whenever to buy a product, but won’t care how much you spend because surge protector can save more than you spend because it can protect over  $50,000 connected expensive home devices.

  • How much should be the current rating

Mostly current strike at home as absorbed between  8KA to 10KA, and if you buy a surge protector as the same rating then MOV(voltage suppression device ) kept symmetric and divert extra voltage for one time during a powerful strike and you may need to replace the surge protector with a new one.

We recommend that you can buy a whole home surge protector 50KA to 80KA rating that will be sufficient for you. Of course, more rating means more protection.

  • Should be UL(Underwriters Laboratories) certified

A surge protector should be UL Certified because UL is a safety organization and third-party certification company that continually checks the new products and ensure the product company meets its standards.

  • With bright indication lights

Yes, keep this in mind before buying. Whether the manufacturer has included indication lights on the product because indications light on the surge protector, there is a tab so that you can easily see the product is working properly.

  • How many types of protections available

A good surge protector provide,At Least  neutral to ground (N-L),line to neutral protection,but if you want a surge protector having all kind of protection (L-N),(N-G),(L-L),(N-N),(L-G),then Eaton comes with all types of projections.

Whole Home house surge protector FAQ

How many types of protections available?

 Electricity is the sensitive cause of working, but the good news is you can do this if you know features come with surge can read this article related to how to install a surge protector.

What is the difference between Type 1, Type 2 surge and type 3 surge protectors?

Type 1 and type 2 surge protector work as same and installed with C.B (circuit breaker )Type 3 is installed in parallel with the sensitive loads

  • Type 1 surge protectors

Type 1 devices are installed before the main device in the load centre Type 1 and type 2 surge protector work as same and installed with C.B (circuit breaker ) and the type 1 SPD recommended with its specifications for industrial and heavy loads, type 1 SPD not easy to installed and need to hire an electrician. Type 1 SPD is characterized by a 10/350 µs current wave.

  • Type 2 surge protectors

Type 2 is installed following the main devices in the load centres The Type 2 surge protectors are also used for electrical installation systems and also work under the circuit breaker and current wave capacity is 8/20 µs. 

  • Type 3 surge protectors

Type 3 SPD used for installation as close as possible to the sensitive and expensive devices. These SPDs have a low discharge capacity with 1,2/50 voltage waves – 8/20 current waves. Type 3 surge protectors easy to install and you can install in the control panel with safety .

Does a surge protector give me a warranty claim on damages?

yes, mostly every surge protector manufacturer’s company offers a warranty claim on connected devices .For more details you can read warranty claim instructions given by brand owners.

When should I go with a professional installation?

For risk free and  safety precautions some time need to hire a professional electrician because surge protector systems require wiring and breakers  installation process and wrong connection can  cause a serious short circuit.

  • How we pick the best whole home surge protector

To find the best surge protectors we search from the different websites and we do a deeper study about customer reviews and study their specifications before selecting the final pick.

Last words: 

We are trying to review the top surge protectors available in the market, keep your needs in mind and read insight specifications because losing your expensive equipment is scary.

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