9 Best RV Surge Protector 30 Amp in 2021

9 Best RV Surge Protector 30 Amp in 2021
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In this article, I’ve researched a bunch of various surge protectors to assist you to decide on the best rv surge protector 30 amp and 50 amp.

I am likely you have RV buddies who never seem to experience power surge issues but any such thing can happen. 

Unless you are an electrical engineer and this stuff is your crush, you probably just want to know that you are doing everything possible to be safe living in your RV.

An excellent part of having an RV life is enjoying it. Even when you are deep in the woods, you will need some comforts that are modern. 

The use of surge protectors is essential to protect your electrical equipment. That would protect your modern devices and maintain your comfort.

As an owner of the RV, you’ve got to spend big money in furnishing good quality to your RV camper and durable electronic devices and different types of equipment.

We reviewed a number of the tremendous RV surge protectors which are better to assist you in finding an ideal model for your rig’s requirements and your safe place.

Overall Our Best Choice

Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Surge Protector

 Great Value

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X 

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Best Rv surge protector 30 Amp

best rv surge protector 30 ampFirst neat set from the SSP-30XL is well worth checking out if you’re looking for an expensive RV surge protector with great features.

The SSP-30XL is equipped with a built-in and guaranteed locking bracket. These features complement the stable control for RV surge protector and also allow you to easily carry the RV’s surge protector from one destination to another.

One thing we admire the most about each of their products is the installation, which is a simple process. This surge protector is easy to install provided you follow the photos and instructions that accompany it. 

 Main point :

In addition, it is designed with a simple method that can perform multiple functions. One is the instant detection of open neutral, available ground, and reverse polarity.

Furthermore, this product has over-voltage and protection that is under-voltage, which will be additionally made for protection as much as 825 joules and 22,500 amperes and is designed for outdoor use


Key Features

Our Rating 


Hughes Autoformer BX4370 30 AMP

The Hughes BX4370 RV surge protection system is without a doubt a device that costs $ 100 not as much as Auto -former Company. 

This product certainly is the best with regards to features and cost with all the current features we’re able to think about in a durable and technologically impressive package.

In fact, this surge protector on my list is set up to connect to your cell phone via bluetooth technology with the app.

Main Point:

It is possible to adjust the product range within the App so it is near to 30 amps and you can additionally start to see the voltage you receive during the campsite as you are able to be notified when. 

One thing that is amazing that you can view the App while powering up different devices and now have a better idea of ​​ just how many AMP’s every unit uses.

Key Features

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Camco 5530130 Amp RV Power Defender

That which we liked the absolute most relating to this model had been the 2800 joules because of the function to automatically connect and disconnect, which means that in dangerous circumstances the power supply is switched off and restored when stabilized. And indicators being LED ensure it is better to see what is actually happening.

Main Point:

Well, one of the keys an RV surge protector is seeking is being forced to be weather resistant. This will make the Camco 55301 Entry Portable Surge Protector the best in the marketplace. 

It really is made of durable product, that makes it resistant to all or any climate. To help you properly use this surge protector in most weather conditions.

Key Features

Our Rating 


EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

RV-EMS-PT30X RV is the best surge protector that is portable for most of us today. Yet, we contemplate it similar to our previous option, the SSP-30XL, with some modifications while we have not tested. 

It outperformed other portable rise protectors by having a maximum top of 22,500 A and 825 joules in our many sought-after tests when we tested the SSP-30XL.

The variation that is the latest of the selection, EMS-PT30X, shows outside protection, therefore we’re confident that this model will match the prosperity of its predecessor within our tests. The latest unit with this model just isn’t affected by the seizure associated with a model that is previous.

Main Point:

The Joule rating is something we thought would factor in our selection, nevertheless, the distinction wasn’t as huge as we had hoped. The EMS-PT30x ended up being once the quietest available on the market, however in our tests, the SSP-30X and model that is SSP-30XL scalable advantages and roughly exactly the same units because of the EMS-PT30x. Decibels being few or here doesn’t really change which surge security unit we should use.

Key Features

Our Rating 


TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp

The TRC 44750 is really the surge protector that is the best we’ve ever tested, with one big difference. It also has some features that are unique that may jolt certain buyers, such as the capability of the circuit tester to tie knots around the setup.

This is simply not our best choice due to the fact TRC 44750 does not have the very best track record of reliability. It costs a fortune for the fairly basic functionality and limited surge security it provides because I think.

Main Point:

This device I would recommend contributing to highly your set of choices may be the Technology Research 44750. I need to state that this device has never disappointed most of its users for the particular level and performance of protection it offers. It really is suitable for touring trailers, pop-ups and cars which can be recreational.

Key Features

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Now View 4 Best RV surge protectors 50 Amp

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X 50Amp

The EMS industry is progressive a brand that is synonymous with safe and advanced level technology and your EMS-PT50X is no different. Simply speaking, they are the 50 amp and string that is 3,580J. This has a range that is impressive.

This allows a greater range than most other 30 amp surge protectors available on the market.More Features,  EMS-PT50X has an integral display that is LED.

This indicator that is LED understandable and notifies you of wiring problems, voltage spikes, polarity reversals as well as other electrical problems to be able to resolve these issues effectively.

Main Point:

The EMS-PT50X, along with its exquisite power and function, fits perfectly into a compact, portable and design that is lightweight.

If that isn’t competent sufficient, in addition, it has a resistance that is high of 88000 A. Add the lifetime guarantee and recognize that this is simply not a deal that numerous purchasers will ignore.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Surge Guard 35550

No more headaches when installing the Surge Guard 35550, as the easy-to-understand operating instructions will quickly guide you through all the steps.

The 3550 (50 amp) consists of a permanent installation if you are travelling by RV. The 3550 is also made of a premium, weatherproof material.

The Surge Guard 35550 is fantastic for RV that needs a 50 Amp connection that protects it from surges of up to 3,850 joules. The reset function is delaying your AC compressor and other devices in case there is an electric rise.

Main Point:

The Surge Protector 35550 has an indicator light that quickly alerts you of issues. Nonetheless, such setup does take time when compared with other surge protection devices.

Key Features

Our Rating 


HW50C Hardwired EMS

You may also desire to take a look at another industry that is modern, EMS-HW50C Progressive Industry. Highly recommend this system, particularly if you are seeking a 50A device that sits under a cable that is hard. It caught my eye for its ability to provide open ground protection and open neutral as well as reverse polarity detection.

The HW50C  weighs 2.49 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 10.2 x 5.7 x 4.9 inches. It’s designed to fit most RV parks.

Main Point:

This reduces surges and improves the protection of your RV. This supplies your RV with sufficient power and at the same time protects it from dangerous voltage peaks. The drawback is that it does take much time to install as it is user friendly and the instructions are not easy to understand, 

Key Features

Our Rating 


Surge Guard 44270

 I would like to mention here that you might feel a little not sure concerning the terms manufacturers utilize for product names. This product is particularly known as a “surge protector“, but has essentially the exact same function as the product recommended above, except it provides surge security of up to 4200 joules, which some other products don’t have. 

I’m pleased with the look that is overall the unit also prides itself on its shielding and security. Additionally offers effect protection. This may be a climate unit that is resistant. This means you should have no difficulty deploying it whenever it’s an accepted destination you wish to check out.

Main Point:

Like the product mentioned above, it serves as 50 amp protection. It also fulfills its function very effectively, especially when it is necessary to quickly determine whether the power supply in the park or at the campsite is faulty. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you are always connected to a safe source of energy.

Key Features

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Guide to Buying the Best surge protectors for RV

It is critical to buy the item that’s right meets the specifications of one’s RV. While surge protectors which can be nearly all are ideal for most RV models, it’s a wise decision to test and determine the best quantity of devices found in your RV. This can assist a surge is available by your protector for your RV’s.

It is best to buy a surge protector that was originally designed for your RV. This ensures that the surge protector is precisely installed at the true point of supply.

RV Surge Protector is available in 30-amp and 50-amp versions to suit your RV’s power level. They are available as portable and wired modules, each with their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the same attributes apply to and to portable devices.

What is EMS?

The Electrical management system provides more kinds of protection than ordinary surge security. Apart from surge security,  it provides open protection that is neutral low voltage protection, AC overcurrent security and 220-volt safety. It could be contained in a rise that is easy, but this kind of module will cost more.

Who is the best 30 Amp or 50 Amp surge protector?

It all depends on whether it should be current for you when purchasing an RV surge protector. You can find 30 amp and 50 amp versions, and you need to find the right one for your RV .

Are LED indications ?

Make certain the display is bright and it has details which are not too difficult to read and realize, even though it is an evening or day. It will additionally be adequate to demonstrably show the given information you will need. A few of the indicators in the rv fuse have a small indicator light.

Which is best Portable vs permanent?

The RV that is a portable protector is exactly what you’d normally encounter. You’ll plug the RV that is a portable protector into the energy socket at the campground, then plug your RV’s cable into the rise protector. 

Meanwhile, a RV that is a permanent protector is wired inside your RV. To pick the rv rise protector that is better, think about each type’s benefits and drawbacks.

Portable RV spikes require no installation and can be easily swapped out when frying while protecting your electronics. However, portability means that if you don’t lock it, it can be stolen, which will require purchasing a separate key. Some units we discussed above are also equipped with a lock.

You can also choose a hardwire because you can conveniently and safely attach it to the inside of your RV housing. These devices can often be found in the compartment that supplies power to your cables.


  • Seek constant professional assistance when establishing a permanent hardwired or surge lifeline. The device may catch fire or malfunction if not installed properly.
  • You should always Lock the surge protector to prevent theft, especially if it’s portable.
  • RVs are expensive and durable. It is very important to ensure that you always buy the correct surge protector for your RV to protect your equipment from damage.

Surge protector Should be weather resistant:

In fact, every RV guard is designed to handle even the toughest elements and the harshest climates without worrying about potential damage.

However, you should be careful not to accidentally buy without this feature – but we haven’t found anyone that doesn’t have this feature.

Last words: 

I hope the information I provide will help you feel confident in making the surge protection decision that is right for you and your RV.