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A sustainable and standard best microwave extension cord is the most helpful component of our daily lives. The microwave oven is one of the few expensive kitchen appliances that need special attention.

It’s worth noting that many manufacturers advise against using an extension cord with a microwave. This is due to the fact that it raises the dangers and risks of utilising a microwave. The right chord, on the other hand, should not cause any problems.

As a result, it’s critical to consider the following microwave extension cords and select the one that best meets your requirements.

After studying the power cable lengths of dozens of microwave ovens, I learned that big-brand microwave ovens have longer cords than smaller-brand microwave ovens.

Overall Our Best Choice

GE, White 9 Ft Extension Cord  

 Great Value

Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty

When looking for a microwave with a longer power cord, you should start by looking at options from well-known manufacturers.

I’ve also noticed that most of the options with long cables include a power cord that’s about 2-3 feet long and that’s all.

Don’t be concerned yet! In this post, we’ll teach you how to increase the length of your microwave power wire.

When choosing the best microwave extension cord, there are several things to keep in mind, including preventing injury to the appliance, most likely from overheating cables, avoiding fire outbreaks, which can be avoided by not using a low-grade cord, and the extension cord’s durability and cost.

We created a list of top picks of high-quality and best microwave oven extension cords.

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GE, White 9 Ft best microwave Extension Cord

Starting off the list is the GE, White, 9 Ft Extension Cord. This 3 Outlet Power Strip is incredibly durable and efficient.

This extension cord is manufactured by GE. The GE Extension Cord 2 Pack easily extends one outlet into three outlets, allowing you to plug not only microwaves but more electronics in one convenient location.

The Tamper Guard safety outlet covers on the GE extension cord twist to close when outlets are not in use, protecting against electrical shock.

This not only reduces the risk of a short circuit, but it also protects against twist to closure when outlets are not in use. The 2-prong plug has a flexible strain relief to prevent fraying and can be used in both grounded and polarised outlets.

Main point :

It’s not only for your microwave. This extension cord can power your air conditioner, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock and other household electronics. The angle plug on this extension cord, on the other hand, is one of the features you’ll appreciate.

 It ensures that the cord fits tightly into the wall socket, preventing any partial contact between the cord and the outlet.

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Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord

Another extension cord from Tripp lite is next on the list. The GE extension cable is composed of the same high-quality material as this heavy-duty power extension cord.

This ensures you’ll get the most best deals with this appliance in terms of performance.

The item is a heavy-duty, high-performance connector that works quickly. It’s certainly one of the greatest power strips on the market, since it can expand the length of your existing power cord by 3 feet using 14 AWG wire. Larger systems, microwaves, PCs, monitors, laser printers, household appliances, and any other device that requires heavier-gauge wire can all use the power connections.

Main Point:

This ranking was dominated by Tripp lite, which took the first two slots. This not only reflects the high quality of their products but also their durability. This extension cable is the next best solution if you’re on a tighter budget and the Tripp Lite P024-003 seems to fit your pricing range. 

With nearly identical characteristics at a reduced price, the P024-003 is the best option for individuals wanting to save a little money while still getting a solid power cable.

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Heavy Duty best Microwave extention cord

This extension that is heavy-duty is a must-have for every home. The Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord will make a wise choice when you have diverse appliances that demand high electric current.

Not just for your microwave oven range. This extension cable can power your AC, refrigerator, and other appliances that are significant to your property. Nevertheless, one of the ordinary things you can expect to appreciate about this extension cord is its angle plug.

It causes the cable to match snugly into the wall surface socket to make certain there is absolutely no contact that is partial between the cable and the wall outlet.

Main Point:

The hold grove can also be an upgrade that welcomes this cord. It shall let you connect in and eliminate the cord with ease, when you please. The heavy-duty vinyl insulation enhances the cord’s durability. The cord is made by the material resistant to moisture, abrasion, and even grease.

Also, if you have had issues with cords melting, splashing the cash on this Qualihome will put concerns that are such rest. The cord features a 14-gauge wire and can handle a deal that is great for heavy load.

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POWTECH Heavy duty 20 FT Extention Cord

best microwave extention cordThis thick gauge extension cable is UL Listed and comes in a noticeable light shade, so you can rest assured that it has been tested and confirmed safe for use in homes. The cord’s capacity of 1625 watts makes it perfect for any heavy appliance. Other extension cords, plug adders, and surge protectors can be attached to it. Superior vinyl insulation protects the cord and increases its durability. Because the cable is quite flat, you can secure it to baseboards with cable clips or wherever else you see fit. Main Point: The combined performance of the Heavy-duty Powtech is their most convenient characteristic. This is suitable for larger appliances such as a microwave. Since they can Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to the wall in tight spaces from different points, the Powtech microwave extension cords are among the best in their class.

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FIRMERST 1875W Low Profile 1Ft Extension Cord  

The 14 measure AWG 1-foot extension cables offer a power ability of 15 amps/125 volts/1875 watts. Compared to goods which are competitive 16 or 18 AWG cables, these bigger cables can carry higher amperage and wattage with less danger of overheating.

The Firmerst can take more presents than you could think for an extension cable that is short. 

Main Point:

These cords are UL approved, covered in heavy-duty plastic, and now have a plug that is flat that is great for the narrow area between outlets and furniture. They are heat resistant up to 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Extension Cord

The electrical current bandwidth and range of use of an extension cord are determined with a number of criteria, including measure rating, power rating (in amps,volts,watts), cord length and voltage drop, jacket energy, plug and socket kind, and application that is supposed. 

You’ll also wish to examine other factors such as aesthetic usability and appeal characteristics as an example, lighted plug ends.

Last words: 

Due to the potential for safety issues under certain conditions, we strongly advise against using an extension cord with a microwave. To avoid light flickering, a fuse blowing, or a circuit breaker tripping.

the microwave should be plugged into its own properly grounded, dedicated electrical socket.If you want to be extra safe, hire an electrician to instal a brand new outlet near the appliance. You can also relocate the oven, though this will need the installation of a small desk or stand.

However, if you choose your extension wire carefully and follow some of the precautions, you can use it safely. Heavy-duty energy cables have the capacity to transport large amounts of energy.