The 7 Best Extension Cord for Indoor Outdoor use

The 7 Best Extension Cord for Indoor Outdoor use
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When you need a little more length to attach your gadgets with an electrical outlet, it might seem like any old extension cord would do. To an amount, that’s real, but you do not like to rely on whatever extension cord you have just lying around until costly and high-power electronics are involved. You should look for it, just like you would want a standard surge protector to keep your appliances protected.

So if you want to attach an appliance, power tool, or other electrical devices to a power source outside the scope of the device’s own cable, an extension cord, insulated wire with a plug at one end and a socket at the other, works great.

There seem to be several other best extension cords of varying sizes and power capabilities that are probably worth exploring.

So the article explains how to pick the right items for indoor and outdoor use, and also to check out whether we can choose the following as the extension cords out there nowadays.

After studying over different research extension cords for more than hours, we recommend the US Wire and Cable 74100 Extension Cord, 100ft, All Weather Extension Cord Severe.   It’s the most efficient cord we’ve verified, it’s long-lasting in all sorts of environments.

Overall Our Best Choice

US Wire and Cable 100ft

 Great Value

Voltec 05-00364 Extension Cord

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US Wire and Cable Best Extension Cord

When you’re finding a single extension cord, choose the US Wire and Cable 100ft. Extreme Weather Extension Cord. It’s got strong 10-gauge wires inside that can accommodate up to 15 A.1875 watts of electricity, but it was also by far the most versatile wire we’ve ever sought.

We also froze it to almost 0 ºF for some days and spread it flat without any issues and rolled it up without any quirks.

It was also a little heavier, both coiled and uncoiled, to carry during the testing process.

Apart from those small questions, this cord performed each bit. There’s no better value than the U.S. if you’re curious and want something more affordable. 100-foot outdoor illuminated extension cord for wire & cable.

Main point :

This extension cord features much of the best qualities of our top pick, this 100-foot extension cord is rated for 15 A and can withstand a serious amount of strength. The power never observably fell in our testing process.

Once I read a viewer review, a satisfied customer says, “A contractor required to work on my house wanted a cord, and I provided this one. The owner and the workers all accepted that it was the nicest looking extension cord they have seen and wanted to recognise the brand so that they could add a couple on their wish lists.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Voltec 05-00364 Extension Cord

That Voltec 05-00364 also has a range of details that help it be the best indoor, outdoor option. A lightweight jacket protects the cable, making it easy to use but resistance to moisture, heat, and harsh use. It is also approved for use in temperatures up from degrees -30 to 150F.

It’s easy to assume, but the strongest extension cords, like the U.S. The 100-footer Wire & Cable has an outlet that attaches smoothly and securely to the cables you insert into this one.

Excessively close sockets will make it difficult to get a connection all the way in, which means a bad connection and a greater chance of shocks or shorts, particularly if exposed to some moisture.

Main Point:

In our testing The Voltec Cable 05-00364, 50-Feet 12/3-Wire Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord with Lighted Sides is the second-most rigid cord that we checked and, when stretched around the floor, held a tight coil in cold weather. At the back of the pack, the short stress neck and chewy connection decided to leave it.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Southwire American Made Extension Cord

 This pick Featuring water-resistant blades, humidity, sunshine, and surface roughness, this extension cord comes in the traditional high-visibility red, so this is a perfect alternative even in snowy conditions for outdoor use.

 It may also be used indoors, run over or under furniture with the excessive width coiled out from the way due to the cord’s versatility.

You can’t really go wrong with this 100-foot cable from Southwire. if you’re just going to buy one extension cord to help out with everything from lights or stereo equipment to operating as a semi-permanent offering in a warehouse or workspace.

Main Point:

The Southwire 100 FT Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord has the same energy skill and safety standard as our picks, but the alloy jacket or the lighted ends of our top pick miss the extra versatility.

These cords are really built for strength, bringing durability to cables with hardened blades that shield prongs from bending and/or splitting.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Amazon Basics 16/3 Vinyl Extension Cord

Though amongst the most inexpensive cables on our list is the AmazonBasics Vinyl Outdoor extension cord and also has a good value, its 16-gauge rating ensures that it can comfortably hold less power than other 50-foot alternatives on our list.

This apart from the rated power, this extension cord simply felt cheapest and thicker than the others, calling into question its long-term longevity after our subjective testing month.

This cord is a perfect deal if you are intending to use the AmazonBasics cord for a lower-power application like holiday decor. We suggest eliminating this cord for all other applications and opting for either a 12-gauge or 14-gauge cord that would not be as much of a fire incidents threat.

Main Point:

This Vinyl Extension cord from AmazonBasics is a great fit for garden projects where power is needed around the lawn.

This organic edition is rated for Thirteen amps and 1,625 watts: for most electric lawn equipment, more than enough. The orange version is scored considerably less, but for most uses, it still provides plenty of power.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty

It’s difficult to top Cable Matters when it comes to performance. For inexpensive rates, these regular, single outlet extension cords provide sufficient lengths. Currently, at just $20.99, a two-pack of 25-foot cables comes in, which would leave you with a cord to use.

Main Point:

These cords from Cable Matters are not meant for heavy duty use and we will not expect them to be at this price.

They can also suit well with the majority of household needs, owing to their 16-gauge copper wiring, rated for 13 amps and 1625 watts.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Durable Black 25 Ft Extension Cord

The cheapest option is this black 16-gauge extension which has a generous 25-foot range and three outlets for easy power delivery are available on its powerboard. Its robust, lined thermoplastic jacket is resistant to moisture, abrasion and does not break under severe sunshine or severe temperatures. As it is UL listed and has a grounded four step socket, you can use it safely.

In order to hang or wall mount the chain, a convenient accessory loop may be used. The extension cord is sold in five additional lengths by Iron Forge and a lifetime replacement warranty protects the cord.

Main Point:

This Black unit is made for those who, without actually breaching the bank, are searching for dependable results. It is convenient to use and the fact that it comes with up to 3 prong-grounded plug functions makes it a must-have in an extension cord for those looking for quality output. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee that is excellent.

Key Features

Our Rating 


Woods Black AgriPro Multi Extension Cord

The best part about the SJTOW 14 gauge/1875 black extension has a heavy-duty feature that can be used by any power tools or appliances. Its strong, reliable fabric coat becomes resilient to acids, oil and humidity. The plug has three secured blades to resist bending or fracturing unintentionally.

The AgriPro is a decent choice for farms owners looking for an ALL-WEATHER cord that remains flexible in every weather condition.

Main Point:

The best part of the reinforced blades of this 2451, 14/3 helps prevent accidental bending or breaking. The extension cord stays flexible throughout all temperatures at all times.

Key Features

Our Rating 


The Competition

US Wire and Cable Extension Cord, 100ft

For online order from Home Depot, the US Wire Weather Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cable is no longer available nationwide, so we can no longer offer it to most individuals as our favourite choice, however you can buy from another company, it is easier if you pick up our runner. However, it does not have an illuminated socket, and it’s a little more pricey than the more versatile U.S. Cable & Wire 100 FT.

Voltec 05-00364 12/3 SJTW Outdoor Extension Cord

The Voltec Industries 50-ft 15-Amp 230-Volt 1-Outlet 12-Gauge Yellow Outdoor Extension Cable, our previous top pick, still has the smoothest, fastest connection of any cord we’ve tested, and the longest we’ve found is the strain-relief collar. This, along with the dense insulating vest, also makes it one of the most strong cords available.. But it also serves to make this cord the least versatile of any we’ve attempted.

Southwire 2549  100-Feet Extension Cord

The Southwire 2549SWUSA1 Extension Cable, despite its name, was marginally less flexible than the average cord we tested and does not give higher strength levels, stronger ties, or a longer strain-relief neck than our less costly top pick.

AmazonBasics Extension Cord

In any respect, the AmazonBasics Cord is just alright, flexible, link, construction, but it provides nothing more than our far less costly top pick (U.S. Wire & Cable) and runner-up pick (Voltec).

Cable Matters 16 AWG Heavy Duty Extension Cord

The Cable Matters 16 AWG Heavy Duty Extension Cord Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord provides the same energy handling capacity and safety level as our picks, but the alloy jacket or the illuminated ends of our top pick lack the added support.

Durable Black 25 Ft Extension Cord with 3 Outlet

While Sturdy Black makes the Designer Cord Pro with similar style and functionality as our indoor choice, the Coordinate Décor, it lacks the internal outlet covers if anything is jammed into the outlets that help minimise the risk of electrical shock.

AgriPro 2451Multi Extension Cord

13 to16-gauge wire is used in both the 50-foot and 100-foot models, making the former safe up to just 13 A and the latter safe up to only 10 A. And if you’re shopping for Amazon, you’ll presumably see the nearby AgriPro 2451 cable choices listed that have the same 14 gauge wire and low scores.

What we need to look in Extension Cord


The very first aspect you have to look at is the size of the cable used by the extension cable, referred to as its “gauge” or “AWG.” A wire’s diameter is its gauge, and the smaller the gauge, the larger its width.

For heavy duty gadgets that pull a great deal of power, a lower gauge extension cord is a fine fit. Whereas for smaller household items, large gauge extension cords are a great fit.

Power Rating

You can also see three numbers correlated with the power potential of an extension cable, in addition to the measurement score: amps/volts/watts. Current calculate the energy intensity or quantity passing through a conductor. The voltage tests this electrical flow’s pressure or resistance. The resulting power is measured by watts .

What is AWG?

The gauge is a copper wire diameter numerical rating which is defined by the number of an American Wire Gauge (AWG). For eg, there are 12-gauge wires in a 12 AWG, 120-volt cord and it is intended for use with regular 120-volt outlets. The fewer the value, the stronger the wire is in the AWG rating system.

Where to use

Similarly, think of the position you can need to use this extension cord and pick the kind that fits your needs. Many are approved with both indoor and outdoor use, which typically means that they provide resistance to water, but do not depend on that. Look at the details and no electrical cord is moved past its expected intent.


I hope this article is very helpful for you to find the best extension cords who fulfil your need, surge protectors also can do the same job for you. 

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