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Anyone who is involved with large power tools in their workshop or while completing an installation in a home, building or office thinks that a retractable extension reel is very useful. The reel increases ease of use, allowing you to use the cable more comfortably.

There is a range of features available on the best extension cord reel that allow you to operate easily and safely. The rest of them pull the cord automatically and smoothly, preventing frustrating tangles.

Here is a short guide to help you determine the best extension cord reel is right for your repair shop/home.

Overall Our Best Choice

Iron Forge Cable Retractable Extension Cord

 Great Value

Reelcraft Spring Driven Cord Reel

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Iron Forge Cable Retractable Extension Cord 40ft

Our top winner, this 12 gauge SJTW cable reel has some unique features: it can be separated from the assembly, making it stationary and completely portable!

The cable itself is vinyl coated and provides fire resistance of 40 feet and resistance to water and oil without exposure to direct sunlight or abrasive conditions.

A built-in circuit breaker, LED light when turned on, and yellow wire for improved vision are safety features.

This reel has two big reservations about it. The first is a one-foot-long extension that allows many users to plug it into the desired outlet using a surge protector or extension cord.

Main Point:

The best power cord reel for all your electrical needs is the Forged Iron Wire 3 Pin Retractable Extension Cable Reels. From electrical equipment to daily appliances, a thick 12 gauge cable will accommodate anything. And the 40-foot long cable provides you with sufficient access to your garage or space.

Key Features

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Reelcraft Spring Driven Cord Reel 45-Feet of 12/3

The top-tier electronic products are the Reelcraft Impact Sports Reel. The power cord and light reels have a robotically soldered heavy gauge steel frame that links to most structurally sound surfaces, while they are simple to install and structurally solid.

The 3 Spring Operated Cord Reel is well-crafted. They’re wide enough (45-Feet) to protect much of the room to make sure you’re comfortable. This retractable extension cord reel also comes straight out of the box with everything you need.

For those who use it at home, the 12-gauge cord offers serious control, and owners who use it in a commercial setting remember that it consistently and without any lack of power drives their tools.

Main Point:

A 45-foot extension cord is fitted with the Reelcraft Electric Cable Reel that makes for quick and convenient power when you need it. Automatically, the spring in the cable drum draws back the cable. For industrial use, cable reels have been developed and have a permanent powder coating that is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

It is the most convenient power management system to be mounted on a wall, ceiling or bench.

Key Features

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Bayco Retractable Metal Cord Reel with 3 Outlets

Efficiency is given by Bayco Retractable Metal Cable Reel without losing quality. There’s no reason to think about operating around an electric socket. With an existing 30-foot extension loop, Bayco has retractable cable reels.

Simply pull and tighten the cable to the desired distance. The cable then switches back to a circular storage location between applications with the click of a button.

There is a built-in status LED on the output bar that tells you you have control. A mounting bracket that allows it to be mounted to a wall or ceiling is included.

Main Point:

The Bayco SL-800 Professional retractable reel, with three different ground outlets and 10 amps, makes your ventures fast and simple with a 30-foot cable. Only pull out what you need and all the cables are re-wrapped in the heavy-duty metal case when you’re finished. To let you know you have control, the output bar also has a built-in status LED.

Key Features

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Flexzilla Grounded Triple Tap Outlet Electric Cord Reel

This amazing push coil with an extension cord is full of features in your workshop or home that make it a required tool. It’s made of polypropylene that is impact-resistant, so it’s sturdy and solid, but lightweight. In a list view for those tough to see, it has triple the production power.

The overall cable length is 50 feet, but an interchangeable cable adapter locks up the cable in intervals of three feet. A built-in switch with a reset button on the reel is installed for your safety and convenience. 

The swivel bracket that enables the reel to rotate up to 180 degrees is an especially useful function so that it is actually in the same direction as your work. To stop the remaining wires, they can be placed on the wall to conserve energy, or on the ceiling.

Main Point:

These Flexzilla ZillaReel are fine, they get the job done. Luckily, the quality of these reels is higher than that of comparable goods. The Coxreels PC10-3012-X is a nice choice if you’re looking for a more expensive choice. Although they are effective, they are lightweight, but they are not more budget-friendly.

Key Features

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Masterplug Large Cord Reel  

best extension cord reelOne of the most balanced goods on our list is the Masterplug. For added protection, these sturdy reels can keep you safe from power surges with an overload circuit breaker.  This makes it possible to use an 80 ft. 14/3 gauge high visibility cord with a right-angle socket for most electronic devices. These extension cord reels here are up to 80 ft long with longer cords. It can be used in any workshop and has enough room, at 120 volts and 13 amps, for all your outdoor power tools.  As well as a light indicator, there are four sockets and an on / off button. There is a grip that is easy to hold and a solid foundation for the reel. Main Point: This portable cable reel has two closed sockets, two USB charging ports, an LED display, an integrated power switch and a thermal circuit breaker are included on this compact cable reel to protect against overload when completely coiled.

Key Features

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Craftsman 34-83928 30 Foot Retractable Extension Cord and Reel

The Craftsman Extension Cord Reel contains a 30-foot long extension cord that, when pulled and released, retracts automatically.

You should remove the cord while you are using it while operating with a power tool or other equipment, and the spindle would quickly open the wire. When you pull it out of the length you want, it clips into place so it does not get caught in your workspace with other cables or cords.

Main Point:

For a more convenient power source, the reel is fitted with three outputs. You may fasten it with its mounting ring or connect it to your table, roof, or wall. The coil is made of scratch-resistant stamping metal with an epoxy coating to ensure longevity.

Key Features

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Designers Edge E238 Extension Cord

The Designers Edge E238 is a heavy-duty extension cord that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. It has 12/3 copper wire with a total length of 50 feet. The reel can rewind the cord quickly, making it perfect for your garage. 

It has a 15 amp circuit breaker to protect against overcurrent damage due to overload or short circuit. Its mounting structure ensures order on the floor and protection against trips and falls.

It has a 180-degree swivel mount, so it can be easily extended in any direction of the work area.

Users can easily install this high-quality extension reel because it has Lighting sockets are also a safety feature that many home users appreciate. Owners should be aware that heavy cables are stored even in harsh environments.

Main Point:

it has 6 grounded outlets that can power several appliances at once could be necessary. Furthermore, the EASY to grips handle makes for a quick reeling motion and convenient operation.

Key Features

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ReelWorks CR625201S3A Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This 12-gauge, 15 amp SJT triple tap cord comes in two lengths: 65 and 40 feet. It’s ideal for a range of workspace applications.

The swivel bracket on the sturdy, impact-resistant polypropylene housing connects securely to the wall or ceiling.

Main Point:

The reels retract and expand functions are very smooth. The housing and bracket seem to be sturdy. The whole ‘conducting power to the outlets’ aspect collapsed in our experience.

Key Features

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Tips & Advice

Check the wire once a week instead of every day, to make sure it is not twisted and that it is protected from sunlight Because living in the light can make it harder. . You’ll want to make sure your rail is still easy to use.

Carefully store extension cables. When not in use, extension cables should always be kept indoors in a dry area of the workplace.


  • Overheating should be avoided at all costs. When an extension cable receives too much electricity, it will overheat, therefore take precautions to avoid this.
  • Extension cables should not be overloaded. If the extendable cable reel has three outlets, it is only meant to accommodate three power tools, so don’t try to use it with four. This will result in overload, which might be unsafe.
  • Take a look at the wattage. The wattage of the extension cord reel must be equal to or more than the wattage of the tool you’re using it with.
  • Although technically possible, it is not advisable to utilise an extension cord with another extension cord. Connecting extension cables together can cause a fire.
  • Outside cables that are categorised for outdoor usage are waterproof and safe to use in the rain. However, it’s important to remember that utilizing indoor wires in the weather might be hazardous.
  • if you wish to connect two extension cords to a single socket Although technically possible, it is not recommended due to the risk of burning.

Reel material  

A surge protector should be UL Certified because UL is a safety organization and third-party certification company that continually checks the new products and ensure the product company meets its standards.

Number of outlets

The number of appliances you need to run at the same time will decide this. Multiple tools are required for many automotive and DIY jobs, and they all require power. Some reels only have one outlet, while others have more than one.

Circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is a very important feature that protects you and your equipment from power spikes. One should be on the house power supply, but it’s also a good idea to have one on the extension cable reel. It’s frequently as simple as clicking a button to reset them.

Final Thoughts

Due to cost or maintenance considerations, you might be tempted to purchase a manual reel. These reels, on the other hand, are less successful in a workshop environment. You must manually wind the cord back onto the reel, which limits your mounting choices.

We choose the Designers Edge E238 Extension best extension cord reel as our top choice because it provides PORTABLE POWER anywhere you go, with 6 grounded outlets that allow you to power several appliances at once.

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